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Do you find yourself craving some fresh baked treats on your backcountry trips? Bake Packer has the answer!

The Bake Packer’s unique design makes it possible to use boiling water temperatures to bake foods inside a food safe plastic storage bag (GLAD), or oven – cooking bag (REYNOLDS). You can prepare cake, corn bread, rice dishes, freeze – dried food, vegetables, omelets, fish, pizza, and much more.

You simply place the bakepacker accessory in any approximately 8 in diameter cook pot. It is a circular aluminum grid and each compartment of the grid acts as a heat exchanger. You add 1 inch of water to the pot and cover and boil. Mix your ingredients in your plastic bag by squeezing. Arrange the bag on the bakepacker grid and loosely close the bag. After baking, remove the bag, serve and enjoy. No mess! No clean-up! It comes with an instruction booklet and recipes. It bakes up to 3 cups of dry mix. The bakepacker is an excellent addition in camp, camper, RV, boat galley, or the home kitchen.

Bake Packer Ultra Light

Made in USA
Put a 4oz. oven in your pack! As with the Bake Packer, the Ultra-Light “water oven” is the perfect cook pot accessory. The Ultra Light is 5 3/4″ diameter for use with 6″ to 7″ pots. A larger pot results in excessive heat loss and longer cooking times. The Ultra Light bakes up to 1 1/2 cups of dry mix. It weighs 4oz. and serves 1 to 2


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