White Mountain Ice Cream Maker


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White Mountain has been hand crafting these ice cream makers since 1853. Homemade ice cream not only tastes better, but you can control the quality of the ingredients you put into it, not to mention the fun involved. There is something about a bowl of fresh, homemade ice cream that makes everyday seem special. With these electric ice cream makers, making your ice cream is so easy that you can have it every night, and not just wait for a picnic. And these ice cream freezers are made for plenty of use.

They have a New England white pine, tongue and grooved tub; rather than plastic. The cream can is stainless steel, not aluminum. The dasher is tin plated cast iron with Norwegian beechwood scraper blades. The electric motor is commercial grade 12,000 rpm, 1.5 amp.

These White Mountain ice cream freezers come with exclusive triple motion. The can turns, the center piece turns, and the scraper blades stay still, throughly mixing and beating the entire contents, resulting in smooth creamy homemade delights.

These have a large 4 or 6 quart capacity, but can do smaller batches if you desire. They have a one year warranty on the unit and a 5 year warranty on the stainless steel cream can. The tub is approximately 11 1/2″ wide, and the can is approximately 6 1/4″ wide, and 12″ high for the 6 quart.

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