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The Kaito KA-009, with it’s expanded frequency and super bright LED light on one end, is a great addition to Kaito’s line. Like their other radios the KA009 has 4 ways to power it’s internal NI-MH battery pack:

  • (1) The included AC adapter: with 6 hours of charging you get about 12 hours of play time on the built in speaker or up to 72 hours with the included headphones.
  • (2) Three AA batteries.
  • (3) Its solar panel: with 12 hours in the sun you get 6-8 hours of play time.
  • (4) The hand crank dynamo: 90 seconds of cranking will give you about 30 minutes of play time.

The ka009 comes with earphones, and a removable soft wire shortwave antenna. Here’s a look at the expanded frequencies.

FM 88-108
TV1 channel 2-6
TV2 channel 7-13
AIR 118-137MHZ
NOAA weather 162.400/162.425/162.50/162.525/162.55
AM (MW) 530-1710
SW1 4.00-9.00 MHZ
SW2 9.00 14.00 MHZ
SW3 14.00 19.00 MHZ
SW4 19.00-26.00 MHZ

Measures: width 6.50″, height 5.50″, depth 2.25″,

KA-009R Black The Kaito 009R includes a Cell phone Charger with 6 tips.


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KA-009R Black The Kaito 009R includes a Cell phone Charger with 6 tips.

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