Sunburst 4-way Power AM/FM Light


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The Sunburst is a wonderful tool for everyday usage, as well as special occasions or emergencies. The Sunburst boasts a 6 volt, 4-way power system which gives you the versatility to meet virtually all situations assured of power. With it you are liberated from your need for batteries, with a built in internal energy cell, which stores power for immediate or future use.

  1. Solar (main power source) A curved solar panel along the handle allows for fast and efficient charging.
  2. Fold-Away Dynamo crank for all weather conditions.
  3. AC/DC charging jack (adapter not included).
  4. “AA” batteries

The flashlight provides a super bright beam with either steady or flashing light.

The radio has crystal clear AM/FM sound and sports an high sensitivity, built in FM antenna. Frequency range for FM is 88-108 MHZ, and the range for AM is 525-1620 KHZ. It has an headphone jack. At the flip of a switch, an alarm siren sounds for emergencies.

The Sunburst case is durable acrylic with a carrying handle, and it comes in a sporty emergency yellow color. It is 8 1/2″ X 3 5/8″ X 3 3/4″ and weighs 16 oz.

Note:Unlike similar flashlight/radios the SunBurst name assures you of “no memory batteries”. This is an important feature with solar appliances, protecting their power cells performance and lifetime.


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