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The Lazerbrite is a handheld multi-function lighting system that can be used as a micro-lantern, LED candle, narrow beam spot, wide angle flashlight, or electric glow tube. Lazerbrite comes with 2 LED end caps, a light tube and long life lithium batteries. The batteries can be replaced when spent, rather than having to replace the whole unit. And of course, the LED bulbs never burn out, are virtually unbreakable, and burn for days without needing fresh batteries.

The Lazerbrite unique unit system makes for interesting usage. For instance, multiple units can be screwed together in combinations, or you can simply use the end cap in situations where you want to lower, the already low 3 oz. weight, to a mere 1 oz.

You can choose from four bulb colors – white, red, blue and green for specialty uses like preserving night vision, creating invisibility to animals, or adding “running lights” to canoes or kayaks in heavily traveled waters. The Lazer Brite comes with a red bulb and one other color of your choice. Additional colors can be purchased separately.

The Lazerbrite is highly water resistant and the complete unit floats. The Lazerbrite’s simple twist on/off switch has lanyard holes on each side, so the flashlights can be secured to tents, packs or boats.

The Lazerbrite has certainly proved its claim to fame, as being a multi-function lighting system, and most versatile flashlight!


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