Eclipse Combo Radio/Flashligh


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The Eclipse

By Sunstar

Made in China
It doesn’t matter where you are, with the Eclipse flashlight you can have light anywhere, anytime. The Eclipse functions not just as a flashlight, but also as a power generator, emergency flasher, siren, and radio. Sunstar’s Eclipse has three ways you can charge its internal, non-memory energy cell:

  • (1) With a hand crank (dynamo) on the side of the light, it’s easy work. Just 3 min. of cranking will run the triple LED main-light for about 40 min.. If you choose to use the incandescent bulb (included) it will run 3 min.. The radio will play for 30 min., and the emergency flashers will run for several days.
  • (2) With an AC/DC adapter (not-included)
  • (3) In an emergency you can use three AA batteries.

So now you have light, but your cell phone is dead; well don’t worry because the Eclipse also has a D/C power-out jack so you can plug your cell phone or other small power item in, and using the hand crank charge them up. The Eclipse is great for everyday use, emergencies, power outages, etc. It measures 2.75″ by 2.65″ by 8.75″, and weighs just 11.2 oz


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