Coghlan’s Led/xenon Headlamp


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The Coghlan’s L.E.D Xenon Headlight is one tough cookie, it is shatterproof, shockproof and water resistant. Its dual lighting system gives you the best of both long battery life and super bright light. It contains 3 – 5mm, 10 year, long-life LEDs, and a super bright, focusing, 3V-0.3A Xenon bulb. This Coghlan’s HeadLamp runs on 3 AAAs with an estimated battery life of 240 hours using 1 LED, 80 hours using 3 LEDs, and 3 Hours using the Xenon bulb. It has an adjustable 1 inch strap for a comfortable fit. The lamp tilts 90 degrees to shed light right where you need it. It has a 5 year warranty.


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