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Solar Mio Solar Focus

SolarMio by SolarFocus

The SolarMio provides everything you need in a portable power source for your small electronics – just add sunlight! It is constructed of durable, water resistant, yet lightweight and flexible materials. The SolarMio stores the power (2.5 Watts) from its 3 amorphous (flexible) solar panels in the removable Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) 900mah battery pack.It takes about 3 hours in full sun to fully charge the SolarMio. Each 30 minutes of intense sunlight provides about 12 hours of standby time, or 30 minutes of talk time on your cell phone.

The Li-Po battery is amazingly lightweight and not much bigger than a flash mp3 player. The SolarMio’s battery pack will be powering your devices long after the sun goes down, and it can be snapped out of the back pouch to be used separately from the solar panel. The Solar Mio can power or recharge mp3 players, Blackberrys, Razrs, and other devices that can charge from a computer’s USB port. It also includes 10 cell phone charging tips that fit most current phones like Motorola, Samsung, Sony-Erickson, Siemens, Nokia (including the new Nokia mini plug), and mini USB plug devices.

Even on cloudy days or in partial shade, the SolarMio’s solar panels will provide some power, and it will automatically switch to battery power when needed. The Solar Mio’s battery pack can even be charged with the included AC and DC car (cigarette lighter) chargers. This allows you to take advantage of other power sources when the sun is not shining or make sure you have a full charge before leaving your home or car.

The SolarMio can be lashed to your daypack or backpack using the corner grommets or integrated stretch cords. The SolarMio provides the power for your devices anywhere in the world. It is environmentally friendly and convenient. It can also help prolong the life of the batteries that power your portable electronics because you will no longer have to leave them in an empty state when you are away from a power source. Dimensions: 8.7″ x 2.2″ x 3″. Weight: 5.8oz.

Solar Focus portable Power
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