Solarduo Charger With AA Batt.


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Solar Focus portable Power

SolarDuo From Solar Focus

The Solar Duo uses the power of the sun together with its 2 amorphous solar panels to charge your portable electronics, or store the 1.68 Watts of power with the included 2 X 2300 mah AA Batteries.The SolarDuo can charge devices that recharge via a USB (including mini USB) port and most cell phones with the 10 charging tips that fit most current phones from Motorola, Samsung, Sony-Erickson, Siemens, and Nokia. The SolorDuo can recharge your AA batteries 2 at a time, and even use 2 AA alkaline batteries to power your other devices with its detachable battery pack. 5 hours in full sun gives you a full charge, and each 30 minutes of solar charging gives you about 10 hours standby or 20 minutes talk time on typical cell phones.

The SolarDuo will continue to charge even on overcast days or in partial shade, and is so efficient it will produce some power with only 10% of full sun. The solar panels are packed in a durable nylon wallet that folds to take with you anywhere. It can be easily stored in your purse, day bag, backpack, tackle box or jacket pocket.

The Solar Duo can power or recharge your devices away from traditional power sources offering you convenience and prolonging the batteries’ life by keeping them from being stored in drained condition. Dimensions: Unfolded – 8.75″ x 8″ x 0.15″ Folded – 8.75″ x 3.25″ x 0.7″ Weight: Solar Module – 3.7oz. Power Pack with batteries – 3.9oz.

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