Solar Module / Car & Rv Charger


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This quality solar panel features all-weather, UV resistant construction with long lasting fiberglass board protective cover. It harnesses the power of the sun and generates up to 3.3 watts of free energy. This versatile panel can be hooked up as either 6V or 12V. It comes with a male cigarette lighter plug, letting you charge Cars/RV directly through their cigarette lighter outlet. It keeps the level of your battery constant so you can start your car easily, even after leaving it for a long period of time! That is not all, as a bonus, this panel also comes with 5 mini-plug connectors and a set of alligator clamps letting you power or charge a variety of devices with the free power of the sun! It has a blocking diode built in the circuit to protect the battery against discharge at night. 3.3W, 18V, 185Ma max power. Panel size: 6 9/16″ X 11 9/16″ X 3/4″.

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