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The Solar 4 One Plus uses the free power of the sun to charge 4 of the same type of batteries at one time. You have to charge 4 batteries of the same size (AAA, AA, C, or D) at a time. The Solar 4 One Plus has a blocking diode built in to prevent the reverse flow of electricity from the batteries to the solar panel at night.

It has a convenient handle for easy carrying. The 7V all weather, fiberglass board solar panel, and adjusting stand allow you to get the best angle to absorb the maximum sunlight for faster charging. The Solar 4 One has the “Plus” of a 5 way multi-plug that allows you to charge many 7V devices such as cell phones, games, radio/cassette players, flashlights, toys, and other electronic devices.

SizeBattery capacity (MAH)No. of batteriesCharging time in hours
AAA1804 Each1-1.5
AA5004 Each3-3.5
C10004 Each6-7
D15004 Each9-11

Recharge time will vary depending on the strengh of the sunlight, level of battery discharge, etc. Higher capacity batteries will require longer charging times.

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