Smith and Wesson Bull's Eye Combo



The Smith and Wesson Bull’s-eye Combo includes two great tools for camping, hunting, fishing, or emergency workers. They both feature stainless steel blades and comfortable Zytel handles with finger grooves for a sure grip. The Combo comes with a nylon belt sheath that holds both tools. With the Smith and Wesson Bull’s-eye Combo you can skin and quarter anything from a fish to a moose. The gut hook knife makes quick work of any field dressing job and is also fast at cutting through ropes, straps, and tough vines. The hatchet makes an easy job out of ribs, as well as gathering kindling and other chores. The Bull’s-eye combo consists of two great tools designed by Stewart A Taylor of Taylor Cutlery. The ch-100 gut hook skinning knife has a 4 in. blade and is 9 1/2 in. overall length. The ch-200 skinning hatchet has a 6 in. metal end and a 5 in. blade face. It is 11 in. overall length.

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