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We have found the steam juicer to be an indispensable tool. It easily extracts delicious juice with important vitamins and minerals from your favorite fruits and vegetables. Vegetable juice can be enjoyed fresh, frozen or used as seasoning and in sauces or soups. With the Victorio steam juicer you can even juice a combination of different vegetables or fruits. Herb juices alone, or along with vegetables can make a great addition to your meals. Fruit juice can be frozen, canned, or used in jellies, sauces and syrups.

Victorio Housewares Steamer JuicerThe Victorio steam juicer is made of rust proof stainless steel. It has a super capsuled bottom with an aluminum core for superior heat transmission while keeping your food and air in contact with only the stainless steel. The 9.5 quart fruit holder does triple duty as a steamer or colander. It can also be used to steam blanch fruits and vegetables for freezing or drying. The 4.5 quart water pan will also prove its usefulness between batches of juice. It can be used as a soup-sauce pan and roaster. The Victorio steam juicer comes with an instruction booklet to get you going fast. It is dishwasher safe and measures approx. 16 inches high by 14 inches dia. overall.

When it comes time to preserve your harvest you will really appreciate the easy to use Victorio steam juicer. The juice holder can hold 2.5 quarts of juice at a time and the included surgical quality hose and clamp allows you to continually process without stopping to remove the juice. We have found no better way of extracting juice from fruits like seeded grapes, and you don’t even have to remove them from the stems. Nothing could be easier! Fill the fruit holder with your produce and in no time you will be draining off clear and beautiful juices. Full juice extraction takes about 45 to 60 min. depending on the fruit or vegetable being juiced.


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