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How to Age of Square Galvanized Tub?

Many of us want an outstanding aged patina look for our Square Galvanized Tub. Presenting drinks in the old galvanized tub have its own charm especially in the backyard. If you buy your tub today and wait for its patina look, you will have to wait for years for your wish to come true. Instead of waiting for years to get patina old look for your tub, I will let you know how to age your galvanized tub at your home in just two hours. It will give you an outstanding patina look while arranging your new party at the backyard. Following are some of the most important steps that you need to take while aging your new and shiny galvanized tub.

Clean your Galvanized Tub

A shiny new tub will ruin the theme of your casual party in your backyard. To start aging the tub, you need to clean your tub thoroughly. The new tubs often come with the lots of stickers and price tags. Before starting the aging process, you need to remove all those things completely. This is aging process that’s why all those stickers must be removed.

Decoration of Square Galvanized Tub  

It is not a compulsory step to age your tub. It is optional and depends upon your own will. Some people love to match their tub with the old furniture they have in their room or umbrella. If you have such plan, you can decorate your tub with the decoration tape available in the market. You can ask for painter tape from market you want. You can also decorate the whole or the part of galvanized tub with the paint tape. If you are decorating your tub partially, you can age rest of the part.

Aging the Square Galvanized Tub  

Now it is time to age your tub properly. In the first step you need to upside down the tub. Always use rubber gloves before starting aging process. It is so important to save your skin from any unseen damage. Take a toilet bowl cleaner and pour it round the galvanized tub carefully. The polish and the metal will can scrub with the steel wool available in your kitchen. Scrub the tub with steel wool at least twenty minutes. You will find the whole polished metal is now removed from tub. Some time you have to apply extra efforts to remove polish if you are using the old steel wool. Try your best to buy new steel wool to work hassle free.

Rinsing & Age the Galvanized Tub

Now it is final step to consider aging your tub. Rinse your tub with the garden hose for twenty minutes with the care. You will have to use your hands several times to push the cleaner during this process. Therefore it is recommended to use rubber gloves to avoid any inconveniences and skin damage. Let the tub dry for few minutes and then use nail polish remover to rub on decorated area and get fantastic patina look.