Mason jar Drink lids, Sleeves, and straws. fits Wide mouth quart jars 2 pack


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  • This listing does not include the jar.
  • Lids; These lids are made to easily snap in wide mouth mason caning jars, no screwing, or caning rings needed.
  • Lids; Dual action lid, can be drunk from by flipping up the drinking flap, or by releasing the stopper and placing a straw in it.
  • Lids; When not in use the the drinking flap, and straw stopper can be closed to help prevent leakage in case of spills.
  • Straws made out of 304 stainless steel.
  • Sleeve; These nylon sleeves are great for wide, or regular mouth quart mason caning jars.
  • Sleeve; The sleeves help protect you jar, and provides insulation to help the contents stay cool, or warm.
  • Sleeve; These sleeves have a solid bottom to add extra support and insulation, yet very easy to pull on and off the jar with a pin hole in the bottom to relieve air pressure.