Hawaiice Shaver Electric


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Back to Basics SIT10823 Similar to S400

Perfect for those sweltering “Dog Days Of Summer”. This ingenious ice shaver makes mountains of super fine snow in seconds to create tropical drinks, fruit slushes, snow cones & refreshing treats. The fluffy texture of shaved ice actually absorbs flavoring & won’t let it run to the bottom of the serving as happens with crushed ice. No hard chips or chunks. Also makes attractive ice beds for appetizers, shrimp cocktail, salads, fruits, etc. To use, simply fill the 2 ice cups with water, juice, milk, yogurt, etc. & freeze solid. Slip an ice block into the machine, then press down the top of the shaver to dispense soft, fluffy snow. The SIT4660 can also be used with ice cubes if you don’t have molds frozen. Add your favorite beverage, juice or fruit & enjoy! Includes instruction, recipe booklet, and 2 ice cups. White plastic body is 13″ high.


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