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Ledmark’s portable, super bright LED Work Light has both a 110-240 V charger, and a 12 V charger for your convenience. 1.5 hours of charging gives you 4-5 hours of run time, with an easy to use switch on the handle. 60 super bright LED’s provide the illumination you need, and since the Ledmark Work-Light is cordless and rechargeable, that light is available where you need it even away from power sources.

It is handy for use in vehicles, and for professional or handy man use on the job, at home, or on the farm. It is great for boating, camping, mechanic repairs and emergencies. The Portable Work Light can be used as a “porch light”, or area light, in or around your RV or campsite. Recharging on the go is a snap since a 12 V “cigarette lighter” charger is included. When away from all power sources, Ledmark’s Work Light can even be recharged with the power of the sun using a solar panel charger such as the Brunton¬†SolarPort.

Ledmark’s Professional Work Light is durable, and water, oil and shock resistant. It has a swivel hanging hook giving you convenient illumination for your work or play. It makes a suitable tent light with no fumes or fire hazard. Its light weight is also a factor in its portability, and makes it acceptable for your backcountry trips stowing easily in your backpack with its streamlined shape. Ledmark’s LED Work / Trouble Light measures 15 1/2″ in length. With 60 LEDs, Ledmark’s Rechargable Work Light gives you an incredible value for your money.


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