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The Latest StarCore LED Technology in the Nightstar JP produces 15,000 mcad making it 50% brighter than the Nightstar 2.

This flashlight is a must for emergency preparedness, and handy for whenever you need a reliable flashlight to illuminate your way. NightStar will provide effective illumination indefinitely without requiring batteries or light bulbs, even when exposed to repeated impacts and extreme temperatures. It can lie in your emergency kit, in your car trunk or house, for years, and be ready to shake and light. It requires no batteries to die, corrode, or malfunction. It has no fragile filament bulbs to break and burn out. It makes you forever independent of batteries and bulbs, which is not only security but money saved. It can withstand wetness, and in fact works under water. It can withstand rough handling, and yet is light enough to carry comfortably. It boasts a 5 year warranty on parts and craftsmanship.

This unique, renewable energy flashlight is recharged by shaking. Motion energy is turned into electrical energy by repeatedly passing a high power rare earth magnet through a coil of wire. The energy is stored in a capacitor which then powers the white – light LED. In complete darkness the NightStar can light a 6 foot diameter area from a distance of 30 feet, and is visible from over a mile. Just shake for 30 seconds, at a rate of 3 shakes per second (90 shakes), to charge to an illumination of 15 minutes! The super efficient design of the Nightstar uses magnets at both ends to accelerate and decelerate the charging magnet, making it easier to shake, and giving you more shine time per shake time. We recommend a quick 5 to 10 seconds shaking, after 10 minutes use, to bring Nightstar JP back to maximum brightness. What a relief to not have to reach for your flashlight when you need it, only to find the batteries dead again.

    As amazing as the NightStar is at providing you with light, that is not all it can do.

  • When suspended, it will align in a north-south direction, serving as a compass.
  • Shaking NightStar, with the switch on, creates a bright strobe light source, allowing you to use it as a signaling device that can be seen at considerable distances.

Weight 11 ounces / 308 grams. When ordinary flashlights fade away…Nightstar will guide the way.TM

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