Reactor Led Flashlight 2 AA


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We came across a great deal on an awesome Flashlight, & we’re passing it on to you. The Reactor really surprised us the first time we tried it. It has a powerful beam that is as bright, or brighter (IMHO) than a similar sized incandescent flashlight, and it blows away other LED flashlights of this size. You’ll be amazed at how bright this little flashlight is! The Reactor is the first LED flashlight to match the output of an incandescent bulb. It shines up to 75 to 100 feet away. Using special optics, and a 1 Watt LED, the Reactor offers the longer battery life of an LED, 10 to 20 hours of peak brightness (up to 100hrs usable light), and the brightness of a regular flashlight. Another Reactor first is the true white LED output without the traditionl “LED blue tint”.

The Gerber Reactor uses standard AA batteries which are included. To turn on and off, just twist the ABS polycarbonate head. It goes from off, to on, to off, and so on. Gerber is known for high quality knives and other outdoor equipment, and the Reactor is no exception. The Reactor is made in China to Gerber’s design and specifications.  The Reactor is water resistant.

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