Rinaldi Half Large Bergamo Billhook N. 5 -102N5


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The longest billhook Rinaldi makes, this model is great when you want more machete-like reach with a billhook shape and heft. The generous, acute bill easily navigates between branches and stems for selective cutting, and the fairly straight body of the blade makes for an excellent improvised draw knife by grasping the spine of the bill in one hand and the pommel hook in the other. Features a traditional stacked leather handle that wicks away sweat from the hands for a secure grip even under extended use.

Blade Length: 13 and 1/2″

Overall Length: 18″

Steel: Silicon Manganese Spring Steel at 58RC

Thickness: 5.5mm (tapered)

Weight: 1lb 8oz

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11 inch Handle, 19 inch Handle