Blast Match Fire Starter


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Ultimate Survival Blast Match Fire Starter

Made in USA
Easy one handed operation allows you to use The Blast Match even if you are injured or holding a light. It generates a stream of sparks 3 times the heat of a regular match, and will easily light any material that a match will ignite. It never fails to light in wind, rain or snow. If it gets wet, just wipe it off, and it is ready for use! Used with Ultimate Survival’s Wet Fire starting tinder, you can even start a fire in pouring rain. The Blast Match has a rare earth flint bar, in a spring loaded design, which strikes a tungsten carbide striker built into the striker button, creating a shower of sparks. The striker is set at the perfect angle for maximum sparking.

Blast Match Fire Starter in useThe small size of 4 inches in length, and 2.7 oz weight, makes for convenient carrying on long hiking trips, or so you can always keep it handy. The unique design requires the user to press the thumb button in order to engage the striker mechanism, preventing it from accidentally sparking in your pack or pocket.

Black color.


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