Fire Grow


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The 1st time we used a “Fire Grow” was one of those dark, rainy nights where all of the woods is wet, and your campfire balks at igniting the soggy offering. We were a hungry & tired crew, anxious to get the food cooking. This was our opportunity to really test our newly acquired Fire Grow. We were all amazed at the results. Not only did it get the fire quickly under way, but shortened the cooking time over that of a normal fire. Before we knew it, we were seated with plates full of, “camp oven” baked, stuffed peppers. It was a meal & night to remember & we were sold on “Fire Grows”. You say, “What is a Fire Grow?” Well, often the simplest inventions are the best. It is a combination of metal & plastic tubing. You put the metal tube next to embers & blow into the plastic tube, thus suppling the fire with lots of the oxygen it needs to thrive and roar. Not only good for your campfires but useful for the home Bar-B-Q, picnic in the park, & cozy fires in the fireplace.


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