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What is a traditional gathering around the campfire without smores? And now my favorite campfire folks have made the “”smore fun”” as easy as a snap with Rome’s original S’more Maker. Rome Industries Smore Maker solves the problem of how to grill your smore to that wonderfully perfect melted chocolate with soft, almost gooey marshmallow perfection.

The S’more Maker’s sturdy, fire-ready, long-handled wire basket is sized with compartments for 3 graham crackers. The height allows for that wonderful stuffing of marshmallows and chocolate squares. And, those camping folks at Rome have even included lots of fun ingredient suggestions for additions to give your smores a tantalizing variety of taste delights. The delicious looking smores on the front packaging will make you want to run out and start a fire as soon as your Smore Maker arrives. Rome’s Smore Maker will be perfect for your fall harvest bonfires, your winter roasting at the fireplace, your spring camp-outs, and your summer BBQ’s. Rome’s S’more Maker measures 29 inches long, by 4 inches wide, by 1 inch tall.

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