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From the makers of Aquamira water treatment and filtration products comes a new dimension in water filtration with McNett’s Frontier Water Filtration System. The ultra-light and compact Frontier Filter Straw is the ultimate in portability. It easily slips into a backpack pocket, glove compartment, pocket, fishing tackle box, purse, etc., and is ready when and where you need it.

The Frontier Filter Straw can be used to drink easily and safely from any bottle or cup, or directly from water sources. It filters up to 20 gallons of water. The Frontier Filter Straw removes pathogens and contaminants down to 2 microns in size including: Giardia, Cryptospoidium and bacteria such as E. Coli. Activated carbon helps to reduce waterborne chemicals and improve water taste. You get all that protection in a fly weight, 6 inch long (when collasped) straw filtration system.

Your Frontier Water Filtration System travels with you as easily as your toothbrush does, whether you are headed on a hiking/backpacking/canoeing adventure, or to a forgien destination where water quality is in question. For those day excursions the Frontier Straw Filter goes along as easily as your sunglasses.

The Frontier Straw Filter brings you the ultimate in convenience and protection when it comes to your water needs

Note: These filters will not remove viruses or bacteria smaller than 2 microns. If viruses or smaller bacteria are suspected, you can use a water treatment, or boil the water before filtering.


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