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The Sunspot Solar Oven is a small, personal cook stove. You can cook individual portions of food at temperatures above 350oF. It can reach 450o on a bright sunny day. It is a box type solar cooker. This type of cooker has the advantage of slow, even cooking.

It comes with a special plastic cooking bag, or you can use standard plastic cooking bags or 2″X8″X8″ pans. Larger pans won’t fit.

You prop the oven against a rock, log or other support to aim the oven directly at the sun. You can re-aim as needed for cooking. While this is a small oven; it would make a great starter solar oven to experiment with, as a supplement for cooking side dishes with a larger solar oven, or for one person cooking. This light weight cardboard stove comes folded as a box. Once unfolded, the 4 rectangular box-lid reflectors deflect the sun’s rays into the center of the box to cook food. It has a plastic window to prevent the sun’s heat from escaping. The closed box is 10″X10″X4.5″.


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