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In view of photobiologists’ expanding research on light as a “super nutrient”, our family was excited to discover Ott Sunglasses as a health promoting alternative. Ott Sunglasses are created with the same lighting research science applied to Ott Lite Lighting Systems developed by Dr. John Ott. It is well documented that light entering the eyes influences the master glands, the pituitary and pineal glands, affecting our immune system and moods.

Intense sun glare can be most uncomfortable to work or play in resulting in headaches and fatigue. Ordinary sunglasses block out natural light and colors, which Dr. Ott established are as important to our bodies as clean air and pure water. Tinted Sunglasses block out some of the colors of the light spectrum needed for health. This can affect you physically and psychologically. The list of complaints incomplete light may contribute to include: irritability, sluggishness, reduced productivity, interference with calcium absorption, and more. Ott Sunglasses, on the other hand, aid our bodies by allowing all the colors in the light spectrum to filter through the lens while providing UV protection and glare reduction. Also, the full spectrum transmission of Ott Sunglasses allows you to see true to life colors with amazing clarity and comfort.

So shopping for a pair of sunglasses is so much more than just looking for style and comfort. Ott Sunglasses provide the potential for increased health benefits and enhanced performance, as well as style and comfort. Extensive research has shown that certain wave lengths of light entering the eye can help us to function at peak performance levels. For example, based on his research Dr. Ott suggested to the professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, that they change the underside of their cap visors from green to gray to reflect full spectrum rays. They did so, and won the World Series the next two times. Today, almost all of the major league teams wear caps with gray visors.

You have a choice of styles for your Ott Sunglasses – Popular Aviator Design, Fashionable European Design, and Clip-ons. They all are durable and light-weight, with impact-resistant lenses. Ott Sunglasses provide UV protection and perform well in all weather conditions. Each pair of Ott Full Spectrum Sunglasses includes a designer hard case and lens cloth.


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