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For all you hunters out there, Game Finder has come out with another great hunting aid. The Finder Heat Seeker 00073 is designed for both large and small game recovery, and has been used to locate a downed dove at 30 yards, and a large animal at 600 yards or more. It can also be used to detect motion.

The Finder Heat Seeker provides two types of game recovery – body heat detection, and blood tracking technologies. The Finder thermal device is totally automatic. You simply turn it on and scan. The ergonomic design of The Finder’s grip makes scanning comfortable for you. The Finder can penetrate the brush where game may hide. In most cases, Heatseeker’s selective – sensing eliminates porous things like bark and leaves, and dense things like hot rocks so you don’t go after “wild goose chases”. The Finder Heatseeker selects things like people and animals which is what you are looking for.

The Finder Heatseeker’s “pattern recognition” software, and audio drivers create “signature revealing sounds” that help you determine what you have scanned. This is similar to metal detectors that make different sounds for different metals. The audio profiles created when a heat source is scanned indicate the location, and in most cases, the type of heat source, i.e. deer, elk, person, etc. The audio sounds are superior to bar graphs alone as they indicate when a heat source is scanned, allowing you to be looking for the game or where you are walking while scanning, instead of having to watch a graph. With the Finder Heat Seeker you have both a ten segment red LED bar graph display, and audio available to you.

The Finder HeatSeeker’s 2nd type of game recovery is its four part “Blood Tracking Light System”. This system provides a red light for lighting in the dark making even small specks of blood visible, three bright white LEDs to see what is scanned and for standard flashlight use, and a green light LED for elusive entry and exit to your hunting post. Green light does not destroy your night vision as other colors do, and green is also not seen by game. A laser pointer is included to ensure proper scan technique, and to assist in night-time searches.

The Game Finder Heat Seeker 00073 is 1.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches in length. It weighs 6.1 ounces . It uses two AA batteries (not included). The Finder’s operational range is from below 0


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