Herbal Medicine Chest for Farm


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Birthing Aid

Helps to prevent difficult births. Give orally for 3-5 weeks before delivery is due. Great to use during difficult births. Great pick-me-up after delivery.


Essential Oil Fly Spray

May be used on animals of all kinds and ages, and also good for human use. Helps ward off flies, mosquitos, gnats, fleas, lice, etc.


Herbal Bee Calmer Concentrate

Calming the bees is important if you are going to work with them, and this is a great method as it works even faster than smoking.


Herbal Bee Calmer Gel 100T

Treat your hives year around without dangerous chemicals (Herbal Bee Calmer does not get into honey or wax. Contains natural edible plant extracts proven effective in double blind studies for five years. This is the same original formula formerly called MITE SOLUTION. Drones come from many miles away and can carry with them diseases, and mites. A natural medication that is safe and does not get into honey or wax is good to use often so that the bees are continually getting a fresh treatment.


Herbal Recipes for Farm Animals

This is the best herbal formula book for farm animals we have found. Simply look up your animals ailment and this book suggests one or more specific herbal recipes that you can easily make yourself. New addition – 71 pages.


Herbal Wormer and tonic 1 Lb

This wormer is all natural and because it only contains common herbs you can continue to use the milk and meat during worming. We have found herbal wormers to be more effective. Our animals are healthier and look better too. May be used during pregnancy and on young stock.


Pour on Wormer 1 Pt

This wormer is all natural – does not contain any chemicals or artificial ingredients. Since it only contains essential oils you do not have to waste the milk or meat during use. May be used during pregnancy and on young stock.




Use of herbs for the prevention or cure of disease has not been approved by the FDA or USDA. The products we sell are not intended to diagnose or cure any disease and we make no claims to that effect. These herbal formulas are intended to be used as feed supplements to boost your animals’ own immune systems and promote health.


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