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PRI has many applications around the home and farm: farm tanks, RVs, tractors, tillers, lawn mowers, boats (marine use), generators, as well as autos.

Some things age gracefully, but fuel isn’t one of them. As fuels age they become “chemically unstable”. During transportation, storage and use, fuels are exposed to oxygen and heat. This exposure causes atoms in the fuel to lose their balance forming masses of carbon, gum and resin in your fuel. Those masses become too large to burn completely, and the combustion process is compromised. This forms abrasive, damaging depostis on your engine and fuel system resulting in clogged fuel injectors, fouled carburetors, sticky valves, poor performance, and even excessive wear and tear. Incomplete combustion results in poor fuel economy and increased emissions as well.

Keep your fuel fresh longer with PRISome Research has shown gasoline to have a shelf life of as short as a month, particularly if it is subjected to heat and moisture. Diesel fuels fare a little better, but not much. Most diesel fuel has a shelf life of 3 to 6 months. New “cracking” processes used in the production of today’s modern fuels actually cause the newer “clean fuels” to degrade much faster than those produced in the past. Some fuels are already sub-standard by the time they are delivered to you.

Tests indicate that PRI can keep fuels fresh, in many instances for 10 years or more. However, for maximum benefit, fuel should be dosed with PRI annually. If your fuel is already in poor condition, do not worry. PRI-D for diesel, and PRI-G for gasoline have demonstrated the amazing capability to restore very old, stale fuels to refinery fresh condition.


PRI Makes your engine run better Originally developed for refiners, PRI’s unique thermal stability chemistry is an industrial-grade treatment designed to preserve and restore even the most difficult fuels under the most challenging conditions. PRI Fuel Treatments are referred to as fuel stabilizers because they keep the fuel in balance – “chemically stable”. PRI reacts with your fuel immediately upon contact. First, PRI works during combustion to promote a more complete burn of the fuel. Improving combustion reduces deposits of carbon and other harmful matter, which means engine components remain cleaner. Injector, valve, carburetor and piston crown cleanliness is enhanced. Over all engine life is extended. Second, with PRI’s more complete burn of fuel, emissions are reduced and better fuel economy realized. This means you use less fuel to get the same level of power output, giving your engine more fuel efficency.

PRI’s Unique properties offer many benefitsPRI Fuel Treatment’s unique chemistry is not available in the “consumer” additives at auto parts stores, and marine and RV supply outfits. When tested, the majority of these “stabilizers” do little or nothing to preserve fuels. These fuel additives seek to improve combustion, but they do so by changing your fuel, boosting cetane or octane, or adding forgien ingredients. This approach can cause on engine to run differently than it was designed to (eg. hotter), and can even cause long term engine damage. PRI’s enhancing stability gets the job done safely, without altering your fuel or your engine, so not only do you get improved combustion, but fuel storage improvement as well.

You can have better fuel quality year round with PRI By winterizing your fuel tanks with PRI you can have a problem free spring start up, without hopelessly gummed up carburators and other problems. This is especially true as both gas and diesel fuels are blended for the ambient temperatures of the area and time of year they are purchased. For instance, the winter time fuel needs are quite different in Florida as compared to North Dakota. Consequently, if you store fuel purchased in the summer, you may experience wintertime operation problems. In the case of diesel, the fuel may cloud or gel. In the case of gasoline, the gas may not vaporize well thus causing starting problems. So, if you are storing fuel in a boat, RV, generator, tractor, lawnmower, etc., it is best to leave the fuel tank full, and use PRI fuel stabilizer prior to storage.

Keep your Generator fuel in tip-top condition with PRI Consider also your emergency standby power generator for power outages. It is only as reliable as the fuel it burns. That’s why many of these systems will fail when they are most needed. Generator manufacturers and service technicians agree that between 50% to 70% of standby generator failures are directly attributable to the effects of degraded fuel quality as all fuels will go bad in storage-some in just a matter of weeks. PRI is a small price to pay to protect your investment and be prepared for that emergency. This includes your marine and RV generator systems as well.

And PRI is the ultimate, multi-purpose fuel treatment for any engine. This powerful stabilizer is formulated to address each and every one of the most common fuel problems. To use PRI, you add the correct amount of PRI-G to treat the entire tank capacity, then immediately add the fuel to the tank. (1 oz. of PRI-G to 16 gal of fuel) The Power Start, and PRI 16 oz., and 32 oz. sizes come in easy dosing bottles with built in measuring tops.

Pri-G is for treating Gasoline and Pri-D is for treating Diesel fuel.

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