Canning Kit 5 Pc Funnel Etc.


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Includes 5 quality tools designed to make home canning easier.

  1. Canning funnel with fast – flow design for wide mouth and regular size canning jars.
  2. Magnetic lid lifter coveniently picks up canning lids from hot water for easy placement on jars. I’ve used one of these for years and the magnet continues to work great. I had wondered if it would loose its magnetism. I especially like this little tool as it eliminates those lids that stubbornly sick together when picked up with a tongs.
  3. Cushion coated jar lifter safely removes hot jars from canners. Makes handling jars or cans a simple task.
  4. Sure grip jar wrench makes removal of canning caps easy. Removes any size screw – on type jar cap
  5. Sturdy 11″ tongs used for many cooking and canning tasks such as fishing blanched ears of corn out of the pot, etc. Includes sure grip vinyl coating on handles.


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