EZE-LAP 1X4 Diamond Stone on a Walnut Pedestal





Made in USA

  • 1-Inch by 4-Inch Diamond stone mounted on a walnut pedestal
  • Walnut pedestal measures roughly 1-1/2 X 4-3/4 X 3/4 Inches
  • A very handy size to keep sitting on the work bench, counter or table
  • Longest lasting and most durable sharpening stones available today
  • Quick easy way to sharpen both cutlery and tools, the “professionals” choice
  • Great for machine tool, wood working/wood carving, culinary/food service, camping/hunting

EZE-LAP Diamond Products has been the pioneer and originator of diamond sharpening tools, starting in the early seventies. Our patented bonding process and modern technology allows us to produce the finest quality sharpening products at an affordable price. This process has often been imitated but never duplicated. EZE-LAP’s unique blend of industrial diamonds combined with our patented bonding process gives you the hardest, most durable, longest lasting surface available. Because of this you are able to easily sharpen carbide, tool steel, titanium, ceramics and most any super hard material including the newer materials being used by most knife manufacturers. EZE-LAP manufactures the widest variety of diamond sharpening tools available. This allows you to pick and choose the sharpener that will best serve your needs. No other manufacturer offers the choices we do. We have items for use in the kitchen, shop or field, servicing the outdoor, DIY, machine tool, wood working/wood carving, culinary/food service and other markets. All of our items are proudly Made in the USA.


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Fine 600 Grit, Medium 400 Grit, Coarse 250 Grit



600 grit; our best general purpose grit. Model #32F


400; grit; fast metal removal to re establish a dull edge. Model #32M

Grit: Coarse 250 Grit

250 grit; for quick metal removal to quickly bring back an extremely dull edge or repair a damaged edge. Model #32C