Helko Ranger – Scout


+ Made in Germany

+ German C45 high grade carbon steel

+ Lightly lacquered handle

+ Wooden wedge with additional steel ring wedge

+ Drop forged, heat treated, and oil-hardened

+ Includes 1oz bottle of Axe-Guard (made by Slip 2000)

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The Ranger Scout is a compact, lightweight axe well suited for backpacking, camping, and general backyard use. Also referred to as a “boy’s axe” due to its small size, the Scout was designed for light felling, splitting, and cutting work. The head is coated with a fire red, rust-inhibiting enamel that improves weather resistance and creates a uniform appearance across the product line. The handle is crafted from sustainably sourced American hickory, and is lightly lacquered.


Length 27.6 in.

Head Weight  2.5 lbs.


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