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These Dajo Stainless Steel Water Bottles are designed to take a beating while still being light-weight and portable. Their narrow profile is made to fit most pack pockets or cup holders and the small size fits most bicycle bottle cages.

The Dajo Water Bottles are made of 18/8, 308 stainless steel, which is the preferred material for food industries since it doesn’t affect the taste or properties of food. The Dajo Bottles offer you an alternative to avoid contact with the health and environmental issues associated with plastic bottles. Unlike some metal bottles, the Dajo bottles don’t have a plastic lining and are not made of aluminum. Even the ClipCap is made from BPA free polypropylene. This cap has a spring loaded clip which allows it to be easily attached to carabiner, pack, purse, tool belt, or most anything. The custom thread design takes only two turns to remove or replace the cap, and reduces the chances of cross threading. The narrow mouth is still wide enough to allow easy cleaning by hand or dishwasher, and can accept most ice cubes to keep your drinks cool and refreshing.


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