Wonderful Service, Excellent Products

I made two separate purchase of Council Tools Axes: Woodcraft Pack Axe, and a 5# Splitting Axe.

On both occasion I received prompt delivery and good customer service.

With regards to the products, they were both usable out of the box. In the case of the Pack axe, it could use a sharper edge (debatable), though personally I like it as is since I get more utility doing splitting and chopping than using it for feather sticks (I can use my knife for that). In any case it would be a breeze to hone the edge further.

The splitting axe turned out to be a beast. I got the short handle version and since I’m tall I have to be conscious of my arch trajectory on the downswing but in exchange I get fantastic control. It splits better than any mall I’ve ever used. This is an axe for experienced axe folks only: as I said, it is a beast, very sharp and with the head weight, when it gets going it keeps on going. I am very pleased with the products and the personalized service. Buy with confidence.

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