I wanted to thank you

I wanted to thank you, again, for your careful packaging and prompt delivery of my order.
These two little axes will go with me (not at the same time!) in my bucksaw sling when I am
out on the woods for day hikes, or trail clearing.  Absolutely love them, and I can’t believe
I missed them before.
Also, thank you for the superb line of products you offer.  It must, indeed, be fulfilling to be
the purveyors of so many wonderful tools and gear.  Your videos speak to the enjoyment;
yet these videos simultaneously share the enjoyment, as well.
Many is the cold mid-winter night here in New England that I am not outside braving the
single digit temperatures, but your films bring the natural world inside, and along with
that, the hope another day will dawn warmer and get me out there too.
Best regards to you all,