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Stainless Steel Water bath Canner:

You can can 15 quart jar or 24 pint jars in each batch with our SS canner that is made in the USA!


Making pickles and sauerkraut with lactic acid fermentation is a time tested, easy way to provide delicious and healthy food for you and your family. The right tools make it even easier. Check out the products we have available below.


Stoneware crocks are the traditional way to make pickled vegetables and the crocks we carry have the added bonus of having a water seal eliminating worrying about dust and skimming slime off the top of your crock. You can check see all of our crocks on our pickling  page  Crocks or check out one of our best sellers:

Pickling Jars:

Pickling jars are another great way to make sauerkraut or pickles in your own home. They are a more modern twist on this traditional way of food preserving and offer great way to get your feet wet or add to your fleet of pickling gear. See all of our pickling products on our Fermentation page or see our Picklmeister below.

Pickling Weights:

These food safe glass weights can be used with your own jars or one of our Pickling jars and kits above. They keep your vegetables safely under the brine and the best part is that only glass is in contact with your food during pickling. See them all on our Pickling page or see a sampling of the weights we have below.

Sauerkraut Stomper

These nifty tools will let pack your shredded cabbage in your crock or jar.

Thermostat and Books:

This device will turn your spare refrigerator or freezer into the perfect environment for making sauerkraut, pickles or curing cheeses etc. Don’t forget a book to jump start pickling adventure.


We have slicers of every shape and size to easy your chopping chores. They are especially great at preparing your food for making sauerkraut or kimchi. Check out our Slicers and Peelers.

Fermentation Pickling Products

We have even more products to help you enjoy transforming fresh vegetables from your garden, farmers market or grocery store in to naturally good pickles, kimchi, and sauerkraut.