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LED Infinity Task Light by Gerber

Gerber uses a controlled energy flow circuit to boost power from an ordinary AA battery to the L.E.D. The result is not ordinary: 25 hours of bright light and a “bulb” that never needs replacing. The Infinity light never lets you down on the camp trails, in the car, or wherever you find yourself far from the conveniences of home.

The Infinity LED Task Light is constructed from machined aircraft alumium. It is only 3.25″ X .75″. The Infinity Ultra’s circuit is coated with epoxy for extra durability and a waterproof seal up to 30 feet, making it a great purchase for outdoor sports including canoeing and backpacking. With a 25 hour peak brightness burn time, and a white bulb that lasts 100,000 hours, plus its compact size, the Infinity Ultra is quite a taskmaster for whatever you do, wherever you go. It fits easily in your pocket or pack. The Infinity Ultra LED Task Light comes with a Lifetime Warranty. A lanyard and metal clip are included for ease in keeping your Infinity on hand for any situation, so why not add a reliable source of light to your camera bag, backpack, purse, etc. Made in China

Compare Infinity Ultra Task Light Ordinary Flashlight
Brightness 30 ft. 15-30 ft.
Burn Time 25 hours 4-6 hours
Bulb Life 100,000 hours 15-40 hours


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