Soft Squeeze Led Flashlight


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A quick squeeze is all you need to have light with this hand pump flashlight. With the “Soft Squeeze”, Sun Star offers you free dynamo powered LED light with the pump of your hand. You have security in your palm with no batteries to buy and an LED life of 50,000 hours.

Soft Squeeze Flashlight’s compact size of 6 inches in length and 5.2 ounces in weight, plus its reasonable cost, make it a great item for home or office, camping/hunting activities, emergencies, power outages, and your car glove compartment. The hand pump Soft Squeeze Light comes with a nylon carrying strap for portability.

You pump your Soft Squeeze 10 seconds for 4 minutes of light! Pump 1 minute for 25 minutes of light. Your light lasts 25 X pump time, and stores for immediate or later use! The hand pump Soft Squeeze flashlight is easy to use for all ages from children to seniors. Its curved design and even squeeze make it comfortable to use. The Soft Squeeze flashlight is all weather, and shock proof with a clear shatter proof lens. It comes in yellow.


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