Freeplay/coleman Sentinel Flashlight

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With this Self Powered Lantern you won’t be caught in the dark when you reach for a flashlight only to find that the batteries are dead! It uses you as its power source. Simply turning the winding handle for about 30 seconds gives you up to 8 minutes of shine time on normal beam. With the Freeplay direct drive system, turning the hand crank charges the internal battery via the gear train and generator. The Freeplay Sentinel can be wound at any time, for any length of time, for as much shine time as you need. An LED charge level indicator tells you the best speed for winding.

A dual filament xenon bulb gives the Coleman Sentinel two brightness settings; NORM which is a battery saving mode giving you more shine time per wind, and Max which gives you super bright light and is best used when you can recharge with the included AC adpater. The battery can be charged via an AC/DC adapter (included), or by the large winding handle. When fully charged, shine time is about 30 minutes on MAX and 5 hours on the NORM setting. This dual power system allows use during power failures and in remote conditions. It is like having two flashlights in one! There is never a situation in which you need to be without light!

The internal componets are made to industrial standards for a long dependable life. The Coleman Sentinel’s small size and 2 year warranty make it the most compact and dependable wind-up flashlight on the market. AC/DC adapter is included. H 2.1″ (55MM) L 6.3″(160MM) W 2.4″(60MM) Weight 13 oz.(370G)

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