Freeplay Emergency Light Center


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The Freeplay Flashlight Emergency Center brings the versatility of the Sherpa LED to a whole new level with 3 flashlights and a convenient triple charging base. It’s great if your family is like ours, and can’t seem to find a charged flashlight when you really need it. It also provides you and your family, or coworkers with peace of mind that you have done the best to provide light for any emergency. The triple docking station keeps the bank of three included Sherpa LED Flashlights on a constant, topped up trickle charge at all times via the included AC wall adapter so they’re always ready to go. The Freeplay Emergency Center also has a red LED locator beacon which is activated when the power goes out so the emergency center is always easy to locate even in the dark. The Sherpa Emergency Center is great for any home or business, and easily hangs anywhere. Its clear, lift up front door showcases and protects your Sherpa LEDs. The Emergency Light Center’s three Sherpa LED Flashlights are the same as the X-Ray Flashlights above only in a red color. It measures 10 in wide, 8.75 in tall, 2.25 in deep.


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