Scythe Blades – Hand Made In Austria – Oftner Muller



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Made In Austria

Traditional Hand Made Austrian blades.

Superior Austrian Steel.

Age old craftsmanship.

2 Sweeps to choose from 50 or 55.

The blade is curved to keep the cutting edge off the ground.

Comes sharp and ready to use.

Classic design can not be improved upon



As appears on logo with translation

Gute SchneidHalbe Arbeit (Good Cutting Half The Job)

Marke Zwei runder (Brand Two Rounder)

Mahfertig (Ready To Mow)


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60×50 4910,60, 60×55 4911,60, 75×50 4910,75, 75×55 4911,75, 85×55 4911,85, 90×50 4910,90, Lither 45 0660,02