Broad Axe – Swedish Carpenter’s Hatchet – Biber Classic – Hand Forged in Austria by Mueller

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The broad axe, also known as a hewing axe, is designed for hewing logs into square timbers.  It has been hand forged by the skilled blacksmiths of family owned Leonhard Mueller & Soehne at the Himmelsberger Zeughammerwerk in Austria from high grade steel and then carefully hardened and tempered for the best combination and hardness and toughness. This Broad Axe is beveled on the right side only and features a slightly right angled poll and eye enabling the handle and your hands to be kept away from the timber. The left side of the axe is completely flat. This design allows you to use the axe to hew the right side of the log with precision. The edge is razor sharp having been honed on a water cooled sharpening stone at the forge. The head weighs 3-1/4 lbs and the face is 7-3/8″ wide. Premium grade 23″ long hickory handle, lightly waxed and safety wedged to the axe head. Made in Austria.