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Yaktrax Walker

Designed in the Himalayas for your everyday use.
Yaktrax - Walk Confidently on Packed Snow and IceYaktrax are the simplest, most effective winter footwear device available. They give you instant confidence and safety in snowy or icy walking conditions. With Yaktrax you’ll feel the same solid, predictable grip you’re accustomed to feeling on dry surfaces. You’ll move about naturally. There is nothing new to learn – just walk as you normally would, and experience stability on ice and snow like you’ve never felt before.

Unlike other shoe traction devices, Yaktrax won’t damage carpets or most flooring materials. They create a solid, secure grip with an exclusive SkidLock coil system made of rust resistant steel coils. As you step, each tiny coil presses downward embedding directly into the ice below with hundreds of biting edges, providing stability in all directions. When you lift your foot, the Yaktrak stays snugly with your shoe, offering unhindered ease of movement.

Yaktrax Walkers are appropriate for business, recreation, and light industrial settings; any place you can benefit from greater snow/ice stability. They fit easily over almost any type of shoe with no modification to your shoes required. You simply hook the front of your ultralight Yaktrax over the toe of your shoe, and stretch to cover the sole. Yaktrax stay securely in place during use, and transfer from one pair of shoes to another with ease when you desire to change shoes. They come in assorted colors with a reusable zipper seal baggie.

Yaktrax Walker: $17.95 Each

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US Men1 – 4.55 – 8.5    9 – 1111.5 +
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Yaktrax Pro

Yaktrax ProThese Yaktrax Pros are a rugged version of the Yaktrax Walkers for the the outdoor enthusiast. They take you into severe winter conditions with increased durability while working, running or hiking. The Yaktrax Pro comes with a removable performance strap to help keep your Yaktrax in place during active use. They are made of a super heavy duty, 100% natural rubber blend. The hand wound stainless steel coils give you 360 degrees of traction on ice and snow.

Yaktrax Pro: $24.95 Each

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US Men5 – 8.59 – 1111.5 – 13.514+
US Women6.5 – 1010.5 – 12.513 – 1515.5+
Euro Men37.5 – 4243 – 4546 – 4848.5+
Euro Women38 – 42.543 – 4546 – 4848.5+
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Which Yaktrax do you need: The Yaktrax Pro or the Yaktrax Walker?

The Yaktrax Walker is the original Yaktrax version. It was designed for people who were walking on an icy parking lot, sidewalk or walking their dog. It is great for pedestrians, kids or the elderly. We have grandparents, moms, dads, school children, college students and dog owners staying on their feet during the winter months thanks to the Yaktrax Walker.

The Yaktrax Pro is designed for the more active winter person. A mail carrier, runner, outside worker or someone who faces winter conditions on a daily basis. They are made of a more durable rubber blend and have a removable strap, should you go into deep snow. We have marathoners, police officers, triathletes, speed walkers, construction workers, crossing guards, and many other professionals using the Pro.

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