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Remember the hours of fun and exercise you’ve partaken of since the “Frisbee’s®” debut, and all the fond memories of those times. Nite Ize has just expanded the Frisbee® style disc’s potential with their light-up flying disc! The Nite Ize FlashFlight Led Flying Disc is a long flying disc that is illuminated at every angle with a highly visible, ultra bright, completely enclosed LED fiber-optic array. Flashflight flying discs are white in the daylight, and glow either Red, Blue or Green when their built-in LED array is activated at night with a simple on/off switch. The Flash Flight LED Discs have the same soft, comfortable feel and balance as high quality non-illuminated flying discs. Nite Ize innovative design provides optimal balance and stability.

The FlashFlight illuminated flying disc comes with a replaceable 120 hour, 3 volt lithium battery. It weighs 6.5oz (185g), and is approximately 10.5 inches in diameter. Best of all, the FlashFlight light-up flying disc is convenient for your entertainment whereever and whenever you are ready. You don’t have to quit at sun down, as it’s “best illumination” makes playing all the more fun, while at the same time preserving your night vision. This makes FlashFlight a great accompaniment on a leisurely walk down the beach or anywhere – alternating between flying the FlashFlight, and strolling along enjoying the waves and stars. What is more, if a stray throw lands the FlashFlight flying disc in the water; no matter, it floats and is water resistant. Simply retrieve the flying disc and try again!


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