Drill Press Clamp CAM-LOCK + THREAD-LOCK


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  • Made USA
  • Column diameter: 2-3/4″
  • Adjusts to three different lengths.
  • Adjusts to various heights by sliding up or down.
  • Swings out of way when not in use.

The clamp attaches to the drill press 2.75″ column, it can slide up and down on the column, and easily swings from side to side. It can be swung to the side out of the way, but it is always there and can instantly be swung into place. There is no bolting and un-bolting to the table as with other clamps.

The cam action makes for very fast clamp and release. The height and depth of the swivel clamping foot can be adjusted by turning the foot screw, giving you even more versatility and precision.


Note this clamp will only work on 2.75 columns, it will also not work on drill presses that have the table racking on the side of the column. US 3345889 A