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Old Fashioned Waffle Iron By Rome – What a find these Old Fashioned Waffle Irons are. We looked and looked for a waffle iron without the nonstick coating. Not that we want our waffles to stick, but we avoid eating nonstick coating for health reasons. We had given up the quest, so were delighted when Rome introduced this reinterpretation of the classic Cast Iron Waffle Iron.

Before electric cooking devices were common cast iron waffle irons were the standard, and used on stoves, open fires and woodstoves. With well seasoned cast iron you won’t miss the non-stick coating, and you won’t have to worry about toxins in your waffles either.

Rome’s Cast Iron Waffle Iron is a traditional round shape with a compact 6 3/4″ cooking head, and 10″ overall length. The two sides of the waffle iron connect using a hinge system for secure use and easy clean-up. You open the iron, spoon your batter in, close, cook side one, then flip to cook side two. Recipes are included to get you started enjoying piping hot waffles at home or in camp. It is made in China.


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