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The AN200’s advanced 9 inch loop design offers you reception that would normally require a very long wire antenna, along with a receiver with a direct antenna connection.

The AN200 can be attached to the external AM antenna terminal on your AM radio, or used to wirelessly boost the reception of the ferrite AM antennas that are included with all home stereo receivers and portable radios.

The AN200 AM Antenna increases clarity and enhances reception. It has a precision tuning dial, giving you the selectivity to choose the station you want to boost, and to block background noise and nearby stations that would otherwise crowd or “bleed” into your desired signal. Reception can be further increased by physically turning the loop to point in the direction of the broadcasting station. The AN200 gives an added dimension to your AM radio by combining selective tuning and loop adjustment, along with radio dialing on your receiver to give you better reception and clearer sound.

With the Kaito AM200 you not only get better clarity of the stations you already receive, but also enhancement of stations that would otherwise be drowned out. The AN200 Loop Antenna is a passive radiant device so it works without the need of a power source!

The Kaito AN200 can be used by placing it next to the portable radio’s internal AM rod antenna, or by connecting it to larger desktop radios that have AM antenna terminals using the included 1/8″ bare wire cable. With the AN200, Kaito has turned something as mundane as an Antenna into a work of art with not only great performance, but beautiful design and unique styling to go with it.


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