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Kaito has been making some of the best multi-power radios for years. That experience really shows in the KA500 Voyager. The Voyager has the most versatile power system we have seen. It has a built in solar panel that rotates a full 180 degrees so you can get the best angel for maximum power. The solar panel can power the radio or charge the built in NI-MN batteries. A large, easy to use dynamo crank, combined with a high quality AC brushless generator, assures you of power even when the sun isn’t shining. The Voyager can be powered by 3 AA batteries, or an AC adaptor which is included. It can even be powered by a USB port on a computer or other device. The built in batteries are user replaceable should the need arise. The KA500 has battery level, charging and tuning indicators which help you get the most from your radio.

The Voyager picks up AM/FM as well as shortwave in two bands, 3.20-8.00MHz and 9.00-22MHz. What really sets the Voyager apart is its NOAH weather radio pre-tuned to the 7 National Weather Service bands. It can even pick up local weather alert signals to warn you of severe weather in your area. This is a much requested feature that is especially nice when combined with the multi-power sources you can use with the Voyager. The KA500 Voyager includes an LED flashlight, a red SOS emergency light and a 5 LED reading light on the back of the solar panel, making sure that you can not only listen to the radio, and see to get around, but also easily read. The Voyager can charge USB devices like Blackberry, IPod/MP3 players and more. It even includes six cell phone charging tips for the most common phones.

The Voyager gives you the option of the built in wide dynamic range speakers for crystal sound, or the included headphones for private listing. The rubberized carry strap and body give this radio a comfortable feeling in your hand. It is water resistant so you can take it with you anywhere. It is 8″X5″X2.6″. When you buy a Voyager we are including the bonus of an AC adapter, a $15.95 value! All this adds up to make the KA500 Voyager one of the best designed Solar/Dynamo multi-power radios we have seen. It is great for camping, fishing, hunting; use on the farm, garden, yard or beach, and it really shines in an emergency, providing you with communication, light and power for your other devices.

What really makes this radio unique among multi-power radios, is the weather radio with NOAA Weather Alert, helping to keep you and your family informed and safe.


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