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The KA008 multi-band radio from Kaito has all the same amazing range of AM, FM and Shortwave frequencies as the KA007 above…everything except the TV sound, VHF and Weather bands.

The digital display allows you to see exactly what your radio is playing for you, which makes tuning a snap. In addition to its great radio sound, the Kaito KA008 functions as a multi-powered alarm clock, which is quite a convenient service when you are away from electric power sources such as power outages, camping, etc.

Your KA008 Kaito radio offers you operation from four different power sources for your situation or convenience.

Electric – With the included AC adapter. 6 hours of charging equals 48 hours of play time, or you can play directly from AC.

Solar – You can play the KA008 with direct sun, or you can charge the NIMH batteries for future play time. Twelve hours in the sun gives you 6-8 hours of playing time.

Batteries – Three AA batteries allow you to play your KA008 Kaito radio the old fashionded way.

Dynamo Power – A hand crank generator charges the internal NIMH batteries. Ninety seconds of cranking gives you about one half hour of play time.

The KA008 is only 6 1/2″ X 5 1/2″ X 2 1/4″, so it is small enough to take with you everywhere. It comes with an AC/DC adapter, earphone and soft antenna. It comes in an attractive gray color.

Band Specifications

with expanded SW coverage.

FM: 88-108 Mhz
AM: 530-1710 Khz
SW 1 4-9 Mhz
SW 2 9-14 Mhz
SW 3 14-19 Mhz
SW 4 19-26 Mhz


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