Kaito KA-888 Solar Radio/Flashlight


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short wave radio- flashlight- thermometer- compass- siren- time

The KA-888 is what a radio really should be; with great features for camping or home use, and is a must for any emergency kit. You can find multi-powered radios, and even radios with built-in lights are not uncommon, but the KA-888 goes beyond the ordinary and includes all the following: a compass, thermometer, green emergency light, siren, plus a clock with an alarm. The KA-888 also has a small storage compartment that would be great for a small first aid kit, matches, or for holding the included ear phones and external soft antenna.

With the built in NI-MI batteries you don’t have to worry about losing batteries or the memory affect as with older rechargeables. The KA-888 has 4 ways to charge so you’ll never be out of power when you need it! On sunny days you can use the solar panel to listen to the radio or to charge the batteries. It takes about 12 hours to get 6 to 8 hours of play time. If it’s not sunny you can use the dynamo to charge the KA-888: 2 minutes of cranking will play the radio alone for 20 minutes. 40 minutes of cranking will give you a full charge. It has a charging indication light so you can tell when you are cranking at the correct speed. If you are around civilization you can use the included AC adapter to plug in. As a last resort you can even use 3 AA batteries to power the KA-888.

If all of that is not enough for you, consider the radio part of the KA-888 (remember that?) can not only pick up AM and FM stations, but can also receive shortwave broadcast. With the shortwave radio you can pick up English speaking channels almost anywhere in the world, on land or sea, and it is great to keep up on world news.

Band Specifications

AM: 530KHz-1710KHz
FM: 87.50MHz-108MHz
SW1: 6.00-12MHZ
SW2: 12-18MHz

The KA-888 also comes with a carrying strap and an AC adapter. It measures 8 in. x 2.50 in. x 4 in. It is made in China


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